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Defined benefit plans in the private sector are on the decline. The shift in pension coverage from defined benefit plans to 401(k)s has been underway since 1981. The nature of employer-sponsored plans has changed dramatically in the last 25 years.

When a pension plan is terminated, the plan is disbanded completely. When a pension is frozen, it remains intact, but no new contributions are allowed. In both situations, we work directly with plan sponsors and pension owners to achieve max results.

At 3PL Perks we have partnered with Principal Financial Retirement and American National to assist companies to follow a holistic approach when terminating frozen pension plans. To learn more about our pension termination solutions, please contact us at with the subject “Pension Solutions” or contact Kevin McDonough:

Kevin A. McDonough

Director, Distribution-Retirement Solutions
Office: 412-644-0150 Ext. 3026

Mobile: 412-952-2076

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