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If you enjoy offering financial stability and security to customers everywhere, a career as an insurance agent could be perfect for you. While selling commercial lines, business lines, and health and life insurance policies, you'll meet the changing needs of our customers by crafting and customizing a policy that works for their lives. Get to know your clients on a deeper level with exceptional customer service and a personal touch with an in-depth look into their lives to determine what policies and coverage will benefit each one. Join an exciting team of individuals committed to offering security to every consumer by working with our insurance company to sell affordable policies.

Freight Broker sales serves as a liaison between shippers and carriers to secure transportation of goods. Task includes marketing and making calls to attract new customers, booking orders and lining carriers up for loading. The job also includes attending networking events, contacting inside leads to promote our 3PLPerks program a shipping customer incentive program that allows both new and current clients to accumulate points to buy down insurance cost. Once licensed our freight brokers will have the opportunity to generate revenue from insurance sales as well. Products include commercial lines, personal lines as well as life insurance, and medical. 3PLPerks will assist with all necessary licensing and training.

Job Responsibilities

  • Sell property, casualty, automotive, life, health or other types of insurance to consumers, customizing programs to cover a variety of risks to meet the needs of every individual.

  • Meet with clients as needed to provide them with information about how to handle a policy claim, how to update policies, and how to maintain appropriate records for possible claims.

  • Attend programs, seminars, and meetings to learn about new services and products.

  • Receive technical assistance and learn new marketing and selling skills.

  • Create marketing strategies that attract customers to our insurance agency.

  • Guarantee that all necessary paperwork is filled out and filed n a timely manner to put the insurance policy in place.

  • Communicate with customers and underwriters to determine which types of insurance are offered and which are most applicable to the specific customer.

  • Monitor any claims made to guarantee that both the insurer and the client are compensated fairly.

  • Seek new clients through networking and calling lists of prospective clients on a weekly basis.

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Insurance license from the state you are working in

  • Passing scores on state exams that certify you to sell various types of insurance


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to insurance or sales

  • Flexible schedule and ability to travel

  • Experience working for an established insurance agent


If you like to learn more about our Insurance & Freight Sales position, please send your resume to

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